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Pulasthi Statue

Location : Polonnaruwa

Pulasthi Statue

Legend : On the Eastern Bank of the Parakrama Samudra Reservoir in Polonnaruwa stands a majestic stone sculpture carved on a large boulder. The statue depicts an austere figure holding what is thought to be an ola leaf manuscript. One of the finest historical statues in the Island, the monument measures over 11 feet in height. Although the identity of the statue has not been confirmed, popular belief is that the statue is of King Parakramabahu because it is located in close proximity to one of his greatest works, the Parakrama Samudraya Reservoir.

However, it also said that this statue is of the great Sage Rishi Pulasthi, the paternal grandfather of King Ravana. The presence of what is thought to be a Brahmanical sacred thread that runs from the left shoulder of the figure across the body and the Ola leaf book in his hands lays claim to this belief.


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