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Yummy Sri Lankan Food

Sri Lanka has always been a colourful and multicultural Island, and with all that comes a variety of delectable cuisines enjoyed by all races residing within the country. Sri Lankan Cuisines is a must try when visiting Sri Lanka, our beautiful beaches, and exotic wildlife is not the only attractive quality when visiting Sri Lanka on holiday. The history of the invasion of the Dutch, Portuguese and British, has also had a somewhat trivial influence on the dishes prepared here in Sri Lanka. You will of course be familiar with the traditional meal in Sri Lanka which is a decent rice and curry topped off with a variety of vegetables to add more flavour to the dish.

As Sri Lanka is an island with a tropical climate, coconuts and fish are two of the most influential components of Sri Lankan cuisine which are considered vital ingredients in cooking regular and complex Sri Lankan dishes. Sri Lankan food also have a lot of vegan options thanks to the use of coconut oil and coconut milk. If you are on a gluten-free diet, this shouldn’t be a problem. Not only is rice the most popular choice of carbs, but rice flour is used in baking and making sweets.

Another popular option is Kottu Rotti, almost paper-thin, stretchy, oily pancakes. These thin pancakes are cut into pieces and mixed with vegetables, meat, and spices on a grill. Usually the cooks use two metal blades to cut and mix Kottu Rotti. Sound of the blades hitting the grill is one that you will recognize wherever you may travel in Sri Lanka.

And having a cup of black tea in Sri Lanka is like going all the way to Paris and not trying a croissant. Unacceptable! It is highly recommended that you try a light black tea of high quality without any flavours to really enjoy the taste of pure tea. In Sri Lanka, dark black tea is mostly served with milk and sugar, unless you ask for plain tea.

The island’s location and its spices made it a popular trading port on the silk route for foreign traders who not only traded the country’s spices but influenced the islands’ culture and cuisine as well. It is advised that one should not consume local cuisine within 48 hours in the destination, allowing your body to get acclimatise to the environment.

The Sri Lanka culinary tour is a unique experience which everyone who travels to Sri Lanka should engage in, the history, the colour, taste and the aroma of the food in a tropical island as beautiful as this, is not worth missing out on. So, travel to Sri Lanka today, and get a first-hand unique experience right here on this beautiful island.

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