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Sri Lankan Wildlife

To all wildlife lovers out there, Beyond Dream Travels lists two must try experiences in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a diverse island that offers breathtaking wildlife. From leopards to elephant, you will spot them all.


This park is spread over 378 square miles. Sri Lanka is a place where the leopard density is higher than anywhere else in the world and these majestic creatures call this park their hunting ground. This park is also home to herds of elephants and vigilant deers. The climate is dry most of the year in this region and the best time to visit would be between June to September. This park has 4 entry points where gate 1 & 2 and frequented by tourists but if you would like to have a congestion free experience with the bonus chance of spotting leopards, we recommend taking gate numbers 3 or 5. These gates are on the Buttala-Kataragama Road and there have been frequent elephant sightings on this road. The elephants are said to be well mannered and usually give way to vehicles but people are urged not to alight their cars. For a truly holistic experience of the park, a two-night stay is recommended which comes with free breakfast.


Sri Lanka has been touted the elephant country and thus it is only natural to have an orphanage dedicated to elephant babies that have been abandoned, left to die and those elephants that have been mained or injured in the wild. It is a haven for elephants where they are offered love and acceptance. This institution started with the introduction of 5 baby elephants rescued from the wild. With a population of around 100 elephants now, each of them has a special story, much like Sumana the Tusker. This guy was rescued from a jungle area and was only 3.5 years old at the time. Baby elephants cannot survive in the wild without their mothers as they suckle until they are 5 years old. Turns out, Sumana is a very rare breed as only 5% of the Sri Lankan subspecies of male elephants grow tusks and Sumana is one of them. The Sri Lankans believe an elephant bearing tusks brings good fortune to the place.

With over 40 years of experience, Beyond Dream Travels are passionate about crafting unique luxury holidays to Sri Lanka & Maldives for small to large groups. Planning your next trip to Sri Lanka? Contact us via email at info@beyonddreamtravels.com to begin the process.

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