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Sri Lanka, at its Best!

Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka has been dubbed as the best island of its size in the world by none other than Italian explorer Marco Polo in the 12th century. Sri Lanka has also been visited by Chinese explorers from as early 410 AD. Tourism has been prominent since before the Second World War, during which everything was closed down. Only to be restarted with developmental intentions. Sri Lanka has been visited by an average of 2 million tourists over the past 3 years and the numbers do not show signs of slowing down and with good reasons.

Sri Lanka is a tourists island with national wildlife reserves spanning acres and acres offering accommodation facilities as well, delicious local food, intoxicating coconut drinks, luxurious resorts, beaches, a rich heritage, interesting ruins with captivating stories showing roots of a time gone by, and many more, Sri Lanka is bound to be frequented by travelers of all sorts.

Sri Lanka has an especially rich wildlife with the highest concentration of leopards in the world. Here are at least twenty wildlife parks that contribute in a huge way to preserving the wildlife ecosystems of Sri Lanka: Adam’s Bridge, Angammedilla, Bundala, Chundikkulam, Delft, Gal Oya, Galway’s Land, Hikkaduwa, Horagolla, Kaudulla, Kumana, Lahugala, Kitulana, Lunugamvehera, Maduru Oya, Minneriya, Pigeon Island, Somawathiya, Udawalawe, Ussangoda, Wasgamuwa, Wilpattu, and last but not the least Yala.

Sri Lanka has more than 1500 KM of coastline! The whole coastline is dotted with interesting features like lagoons and bays, water sports and fishing are two staples here. Fishing is done in a very peculiar and smart way – on stilts. On being asked why they use stilts, the fishermen reply ‘so that the fish are not scared away’. Fishing is one of the most common practices seen in Sri Lanka. This island country might be small, but it is most definitely not short on people – with more than 20 million people, it is a country rich in history, heritage and cuisine. Fish is a staple food here. The growing population has thus created a growing demand which in turn has created an economy for the people here to take up fishing as a profession. Locals catch and cook any kind of marine life, from fish to crabs and everything in between. Everything is cooked and eaten with a smile.

Sri Lanka boasts of a happening nightlife with bars, clubs and casinos dotted all over major cities. With a lot of ruined temples, wildlife reserves, drinks and food to be explored, Sri Lanka makes for a perfect travel destination even on a budget.

With over 40 years of experience, Beyond Dream Travels are passionate about crafting unique luxury holidays to Sri Lanka for small to large groups. Contact us via email at info@beyonddreamtravels.com.au to begin the process.

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