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Senior Holidays Maldives

We believe in the saying that “Why should youngsters have all the fun”.  Maldives is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to beach holiday paradise. Out of the inhabited islands, 105 are designated resort areas, so you have an amazing variety of gorgeous resorts to choose from, and no doubt will find something to suit your tastes and budget if you can’t justify going over the top and booking one of the very top-end luxury resorts there.

With crystal white sands and sheltered lagoons, the Maldives redefines paradise. For those seeking relaxation, our all-inclusive Maldives holidays help you make the most of some of the world’s best beach resorts. Meanwhile, adventure lovers can experience world-class diving, surfing, fishing, kayaking and more. With over 1,000 coral islands to enjoy, there’s no shortage of things to see or do on trips to the Maldives. Also, Maldives gives the ultimate in relaxation and beauty. There is nowhere else on earth where the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean can lap against the wooden stilts of your personal water villa.

Treat yourself to the best of the best when you next visit the Maldives. Stay at exclusive, 5-star private island resorts and specialised VIP status!

As you arrive at your island and the plane moors by the quay side you can feel your stress drain from your body. Any residual pockets of stress disappear as you are handed your welcome drink.As well as being an amazing destination it is possible to combine the Maldives with other destinations on your trip. For example, if you are travelling from your country to any other place then it can easily be combined with a stopover in Dubai or Sri Lanka, just to add a bit of variety to your holiday.

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