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Maldives, holidays at its BEST!

Known around the world as the perfect honeymoon destination, Maldives lives up to its name by offering more than 20 ring shaped atolls, 1300 islands, man-made residential islands, bluer than blue lagoons, extensive reefs and white sand beaches. Maldives has many shopping destinations in Male to portray its culture. Beyond Dream Travels have listed these shopping destinations and what you could pick up on your next trip to Maldives.

Male local market

Famous for all kinds of handicrafts and handmade goods, this place is perfect to pick up souvenirs from your memorable trip to Maldives.

STO Trade Centre

For the ultimate Maldivian shopping experience, head to STO Trade Centre. This superstore is full of products tailored for the locals and one can get very detailed idea of the lifestyle of a Maldivian.

Centro Mall

Undeniably the classiest place to go shopping in the Maldives, this mall boasts of flagship stores, a gaming zone and great dining options. Sounds like an evening well spent! The mall is also open until 12 midnight.

Chaandhanee Magu

The best place to buy local souvenirs, Chaandhanee Magu also houses imported (Singaporean) products. The most famous thing to buy from here is Thudu Kona – a mat with geometric designs woven with local fiber and Dhonis – miniature wooden boats.

Apart from shopping, there are many ways to enjoy your stay in Maldives. There are water sports, resorts and other things to explore here. One of the most prominent experiences are the spa experiences which are nothing short of spiritual. Many spas have their own islands and atolls. A spa experience is unlike any other, just being able to relax at the hands of a trained professional and giving in to the sense of weightlessness and losing oneself in meditation is what can be offered here. A spa is where one goes to rejuvenate, recharge and detoxify. With pristinely blue and silent lagoons surrounding the property, it is easy to lose oneself in the silence of thoughts. This activity gives the mind and the body some time to relax, rejuvenate and have a clear train of thought. Resorts offer not just plain old massage spa. There are different kinds of services on offer such as underwater spa, Ayurvedic treatments, tantric oil massages, yoga and other activities that boost subconscious health and awareness.

Rest assured, one can leave Maldives feeling completely rejuvenated and recharged to face the troubles of everyday life. With over 40 years of experience, Beyond Dream Travels are passionate about crafting unique luxury holidays to Maldives for small to large groups. For more information on your next trip to Maldives, get in touch with our friendly team at info@beyonddreamtravels.com.au

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