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Girls Only Holidays Sri Lanka

Women travel differently than men. Women take time to understand the culture, indulge in it, and find the connection through food and lifestyle. Moreover women experience joy through travelling. Each and every moment of traveling is a call to their soul to take a one-step more. If it’s a group of women travelling together, that is a moment to bond together on to sisterhood. Our women-only tours are specially designed to understand these feminine touches, the joy and wonderful sisterhoods that can be built over the journey of exploring new places.

When you book a women’s only tour with us, you will be travelling to a destination with like-minded women, to a custom chosen destinations – that is guaranteed to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The experienced women guides will help you every step of the way to ensure that your experience with us is safe and stress-free. With our women-only travel packages to Sri Lanka & Maldives, set aside your worries and be transported to a different realm of joy while you bond over other soul sisters.

If you are here for a little bit of soul searching and rejuvenation; pick out our wellness, shopping or Spa retreats. Pick our pilgrimage tours to nourish your strings of faith and come at the light to the other side. And enjoy the camaraderie of other women and create lifelong friendships.

Get on board with your women-only tours to Sri Lanka & Maldives and create memories for a lifetime.

Bachelorette Holidays

What happens in our Bachelorettes getaways stays within the Bachelorettes. For those women who wish to explore, who are introverts and who find solace in her own company – Bachelorette getaways provide you with the perfect opportunity. Be assured of your safety and comfort when you travel with us on Bachelorette getaway. Before you commit to “I Do”, take this opportunity to have fun with our gang of girls. Explore together, relax, have a taste of the exotic vacation and have long discussions about life under the stars on the sandy beach. Take this opportunity to bond with your girl gang and have “Bestie Goals”.

Explore this island for adventure, culture, shopping, Bazaars, sun, sand, beach, and not to forget to deepen your worldview with this forever smiling islanders. Hop on board and ride to the paradise.

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