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Buttala: A historical and cultural journey

Sri Lanka has a strong evidence of historical correlation with many cultures. Speaking about culture in Sri Lanka, Buttala is home to Dematamal Viharaya, a temple where a Prince named Tissa found respite in, from his blood brother Gemunu, way back during the times of Kings and Queens. A place rich in culture and stories that come with it, Buttala is a great place to visit.

A significant part of the Buttala – Kataragama road passes through Yala National Park which is a beautiful wildlife reserve in Sri Lanka. Two of the less crowded entrances to Yala National Park are through Battala and a nightcap is recommended to experience the place in all its glory. Buttala leads to Arugam Bay which is a surfers paradise. One can experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets from Arugam Bay.

Sri Lanka is a country strongly influenced by Buddhism and along the Buttala-Kataragama road, you can explore the Buduganella Hermitage and Monastery. Your journey starts at Buduganella Temple where tourists need to seek permission to embark on the jungle trek to the monastery where civilization exists, as an essence of a time gone by. The spot is famous for relaxing the mind. The place has been built for King Dutugemunu and is visited by him during his frequent visits to the South.

This area is also famous for its rich brand of gemstones since the beginning of time and the riverside of the Kumbuk are hotspots. The Menik Ganga is also a famous river for its gems and is famously called the River of Gems.

While in Buttala, if you are lucky enough to come across any locals making curd out of buffalo milk, it is highly recommended you explore this opportunity and taste the perfect combination of curd and honey – one that is a staple in this area.

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