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Best Sri Lankan Holiday

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich places on the planet. It’s one of our personal favourite and we can’t recommend it highly enough for your long-term travel or holiday. This blog deals with best places to visit in Sri Lanka, the best attractions and historic sites. We are a travel company that can help you with all aspects of travel in Sri Lanka including health, practicalities and so on.

Sri Lanka is one of our favourite places to visit, so Suzy, just for you, here are our best places to visit in Sri Lanka:


The sacred Temple of the Tooth stands at one end of Kandy Lake. There is an admission fee and a dress code. The Kandy Devales – temples – are nearby as is the British Garrison Cemetery and some good shopping opportunities.


Sigyria is magnificent. A formidable rock topped with an ancient palace towers 200m above the surrounding landscape. Visitors climb precarious stairs past the ancient frescos of dancing-girls before finally mounting the iconic lion paw stairway to the highest point.


The ancient city of Pollonaruwa is another UNESCO world heritage site, it lies 83 Km north-east of Kandy as the crow flies. We’ve never been to this one, I’ll let you know what it’s like when we do.


Slightly further away from Kandy and almost due north is Sri Lanka’s other ancient city Anuradhapura. We visited in 2016 and it was a huge highlight for me and, interestingly, for the children. They got a real buzz out of seeing Buddha’s 2000-year-old tree. Tuk-tuk drivers can take you on a tour that doesn’t involve a hefty admission charge, instead, your money will go to your driver.


Galle is wonderful. It’s not just about the fort, the beautiful colonial buildings and the fancy little boutique hotels and coffee shops that have sprung up within its walls. Try to get over to the town for the markets and walk along the waterfront to see the fishermen selling their catch.


This one I’ve been to 3 times and yes, we took the kids. Admission charges are lower, it’s well worth seeing for the amazing cave temples and Buddhas and it’s also a lovely walk up the hill with plenty of wildlife to spot. Other than the ubiquitous monkeys, we saw a giant tree squirrel, a very cool animal indeed.

Pinewalla Elephant Orphanage

This must be THE place to take the kids in Sri Lanka, yet my two still haven’t been. Just circumstance and lack of funds. The image at the top of the page shows the elephants taking their daily bath, be sure to catch the elephant walk down to the river.

Mirissa for Beach and Whale Watching

There was no way we could miss this!

Mirissa is possibly the best place in the world to see blue whales, a creature I never dreamed I’d ever see. We had a wonderful day out, it cost us around $100 and we’d do it all again anytime.

Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak is also known as Sri Pada and is Sri Lanka’s holy mountain. Such a great hike which will challenge your fitness levels. But go slow and take it all in is the mantra for this peak.

Turtle Hatcheries

The jury is out on the ecological and ethical impact of the many turtle hatcheries that have sprung up around Sri Lanka. They try to increase survival rates for the 5 species of magnificent sea turtle that visit Sri Lanka’s coastline.

Yala National Park

Sorry to say, we still haven’t been here. It’s quite a trek down to the south-eastern end of Sri Lanka (220 Km from Colombo) and it’s a costly excursion to make, last time we were there at the “wrong” time of year (Sept-Nov).

Sri Lanka is far more than the sum of her big attractions. The joy for me lies in just being there, wandering, exploring, using her trains and buses and interacting with the wonderful Sri Lankan people. We can’t wait to take to Sri

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